Our markets


The laser marking of a Data Matrix on bottles, jars, containers at the Hot End area of the Glass plants provides our customers with a granularity of traçability used for their Process improvement and their bottling customers relationships.

Luxury : Perfume & Cosmetics

Lasers are printing permanent and high quality marks on Perfume glass containers, Powder plastic packs, Lip sticks bodies, and Healthcare cream jars.

Luxury : Wine & Spirits

Lasers print traçability datas as date stamps, batch numbers on paper labels, glass bottles (Wine, Champagne, Spirits) at throughputs from 150 up to 700 / mn.


Lasers are used to code Time stamps and Batch numbers on syringes, vaccines jars, blister packs, pills, cardboard boxes, at throughputs from 200 to 600 / mn.