The laser marking of a Data Matrix on bottles, jars, containers at the Hot End area of the Glass plants provides our customers with a granularity of traçability used for their Process improvement and their bottling customers relationships.

Serialization of glass products enables the quality management, tracking some possible forming defaults or retrieving defective products from the market in financially limited but secured quantities. Lasers are used to manage returnable bottles, prevent parallel trading and counterfeiting, or communicate with the end users (Personalized Marketing) through Smartphones Data Matrix reading apps.

We are pleased to inform you that Bucher Emhart Glass took over the laser marking business for hot glass containers from Qualimarq, the pioneer and leading manufacturer with over 100 installations worldwide. Herewith, Bucher Emhart Glass will offer the most advanced hot end laser marking system – the Universal system - under the product name “ID Mark”. Read more :